London Paris Trains


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Ferry to Paris

Best Price Ferries to Paris
Ferry Provider Single Return
PO Ferries £31 £39
Ferry Cheap £23 £37

EurostarBefore the inauguration of the channel tunnel, ferry was the most common way of travelling from the UK to France. The service has decreased in popularity, but is still available and offers a unique travel experience. However, a journey from London to Paris by ferry is a three part journey. First, you will have to take a train from London (or any other place in the UK) to Dover. In Dover you will have allow yourself at least 65 minutes in order to get form Dover Priory Station to Dover Eastern Docks or Speed Ferries Terminal, where you can board the ferry. You can reach these destinations by taxi, bus or on foot. Dover to Calais Ferry route provides a real alternative to the low cost airlines operator in both England and France. Ferries from Dover leave every hour or two and the journey to the French port of Calais takes an hour and a half. On reaching Calais, you will have to make your way to either the Calais Ville Station or the station at Boulogne where you will be able to find a connection to Paris. Taking a ferry will allow you to carry a lot of baggage, but ferry tickets can be expensive and you will also have to pay separately for train tickets and local transport. The journey will also take quite a bit of time (about 9 hours), and is not meant for those who are in a hurry. However, if you’re up for an adventurous journey where you can enjoy the rugged beauty of the English and French coastlines, this can be an option.

Ferry Angleterre (Ferry England) can be book from France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and many more countries.

In contrast, with Eurostar you will enjoy a single hassle-free and comfortable journey all the way from London to Paris. There is no changing involved, and you don’t even need to reach the station hours before departure. Moreover, the journey only takes 2 hours 15 minutes and takes you from the heart of London to the centre of Paris.

London Paris Train or Eurostar Train is the best option to explore Eurostar European Connections. It is always advised to check for Cheap Eurostar Tickets before doing Eurostar Reservation

Ferry vs Eurostar Train

  Eurostar Train Ferry to Paris
  • Superfast – The journey takes just 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Convenient – Travel directly from central London to the heart of Parisv
  • Comfortable – Extremely comfortable trains that travel through a scenic countryside
  • You can take a lot of baggage with you and even take your car
  • Can be expensive, if you buy your tickets close to the journey date
  • Long and tedious journey that takes about 9 hours and requires you to change several times
  • Tickets can be expensive – you will also have to pay for transport from London to Dover and Calais to Paris.